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Mini UV Universal Flatbed Printer

Mini UV Universal Flatbed Printer

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Printhead: 1*Epson i3200-U1
Printing Speed: 4PASS 3M²/h 6 PASS 2.6M²/h 8PASS 2M²/h 12PASS 1.5M²/h
Print Width: Platform: 12" x 16" | Cylinder 10" x 16"
Ink: Pigment Ink CMYK+W + Varnish
Lamination: Integrated Auto Laminator 
Temperature: 64°F - 80°F. 
Humidity: 40% - 55%
Dimensions: 30" x 44" x 36"

We are excited to offer our revolutionary Mini UV Universal Flatbed Printer. 

The printer adopts 1 printhead and delivers high print quality and vibrant colors, directly to glass, plastics, signs, crystals, PVC, acrylic, leather and more! 

Our Flatbed Printer supports printing on various AB film materials. 

Allows for high load-carrying capacity and high running accuracy. The imported linear guide can easily move heavy films in a straight line. 

The printer is easy to use and maintain with good environmental adaptability, and needs just a short warm-up time after start up.

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