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DTF White (Powder Ink)

DTF White (Powder Ink)

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Nucoat, powered by CobraFlex US made materials and equipment undergo rigorous testing and craftsmanship. We are very proud that our materials are nontoxic and OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT Certified. This certification guarantees that  the materials are free from harmful substances such as Ethylene Glycol and other toxic chemicals. Businesses and individuals can confidently create prints without compromising their health or the well-being of their customers and their environment.

OEKO-TEX® ECOPASS Certification Number: 18.0.47571

You can expect over 1500 vibrant PMS color matching DuPont inks and printheads from Epsom.

Experience outstanding print performance with the brilliance of vibrant colors, unmatched durability, and a mesmerizing matte finish with our DTF ink. Elevate your DTF printing results to extraordinary levels. Unleash your creativity, order now and see the difference!

DTF inks are sold per liter.

The textile pigment ink is for roll-to-roll fabric printing or direct-to-film printing, which is suitable with a variety of fabrics such as garments, home textiles, home decorations, shoe materials, bags, inside and outside decorative cloth, art reproduction and more.

Ink Type:
Water based Ink

Shelf life:
1 Year when kept at room temperature and sealed. Avoid direct sunlight.

Do you want us to print and ship your custom (DTF) Direct to Film transfers for you? Simply check out our partner company here: NuFun Activities

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