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24" 4-Head Stealth Printer with Shaker Dryer

24" 4-Head Stealth Printer with Shaker Dryer

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CF24 Stealth

NuCoat, the authorized dealer for CobraFlex, presents "The Stealth," a revolutionary DTF printer designed for high-speed, high-quality production. It offers consistent performance up to 250 sq.ft per hour, energy efficiency, and an intuitive interface for smooth operation. Unique in the market, it features built-in temperature and humidity control, a built-in cutter, and is space-saving, easily fitting through narrow doorways.

Powder solution for PET transfer film: You can now print with a 24-inch unit that prints full CMYKW inks.

Printing Head: (4) Epson i3200-A1
Max Print Width: 25"
Printing Speed: 4 Pass 248 sq. ft/hr | 6 Pass 162 sq. ft/hr | 8 Pass 118 sq. ft/hr
Ink: Water-based Ink, Color: CMYK+W+AD
Temperature: Working Environment: 64°F - 80°F | Humidity: 35% - 50%
Power Supply: Dryer: 220V, 50/60HZ 30A | Printer: 100V, 50/60 20A

Machine Footprint: 6.2' x 4'
Floor Space Needed: 8' x 6'

Features included in the package:

  • 24" CobraFlex Printer
  • Shaker/Dryer
  • Full LED Screen Digital Displays
  • Humidity Digital Control Printer Cabinet
  • Fully integrated computer system, so it's no longer on it's own stand. 
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse, ambidextrous including the built in monitor. 
  • Alarmed doors so if you open them, the heat is cut off for your safety. 
  • Powdered system, but it will be able to run powderless, for added flexibility. 

Start Up Kit:
1 Liter each of CMYK
1 Liter of White
1 Roll 24" Film
3 Kilos of Powder Adhesive
Ask your sales rep about software options. 

The Stealth breaks down for installation, so it can fit through the most narrowest of doorways!

Direct to Film Powder Transfer Printer
Model CobraFlex Powder Printer and Space-Saver Shaker
Print Width 24 inches
Media Hot Melt Powder and PET film
Advantage Small Size, Low Shipping Cost
Auto Powder-Recycling Device
Automatic Correction
3 Heating Zones
Power Dryer 220/30amp Printer 110V

** Please contact your NuCoat sales representative for pricing.

** Shipping charges are not included in cost of printer.


Top Reasons To Partner With Us

Only OEM (EPSON) certified DTF Printer in the USA.

Unmatched quality, over 400 units in the field and zero returns

Dust free application, no loose powder to be inhaled by user. This avoids unnecessary safety risks

All inks produced in the USA by Dupont™ OEKO-TEX® Certified Inks and Powders Eco Passport Certified CPSIA and Prop 65 Certified

Exceptional Durability- 50-70 washes

Exceptional Customer Service

In person and Online support easily accessible

Our Ink/Powder combination is the only system that allows you to transfer the print in only 3 seconds with Hot Peel

The most efficient DTF Printer for speeds, footprint and ink consumption.

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