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NuCoat is proud to announce that it has added yet another exciting transfer paper to our line of HP Indigo certified media. PermaTrans R1581 Digital Opaque Transfer paper for dark fabrics joins PermaTrans S920 Indigo Digital Transfer in receiving certification from the Rochester Institute of Technology for compatibility with HP Indigo Presses. The Institute determines compatibility in a multi-step evaluation process based on runability, ink adhesion/fixing and blanket compatibility. NuCoat originally developed and has produced PermaTrans S920 and R1581 for compatibility with laser toner for over 10 years and has qualified their compatibility with the Indigo Press going as far back as 2011. With a long-established track record producing this high quality, specialty media paper, we are particularly excited about the rapid growth in the Indigo Press industry. Since 2012, there has been a 50% increase in volume for all Indigo Press-related applications. We are putting a strong emphasis in promoting PermaTrans S920 and R1581 as unique additions to the HP Indigo Press certified medias.

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The HP Indigo digital press is the only digital printing technology that can equal or exceed the quality, color range and substrate compatibility of conventional offset printing. It is also the only digital technology that can print up to seven colors, including extended gamut printing or spot colors, that help you produce eye-catching images or match clients' corporate brand colors.

PermaTrans S920 and R1581 have been engineered for excellent print quality and a super-soft finished transfer product. S920 transfers are easy to print and transfer, fully release all ink into the receiving substrate but do not leave a polymer outline for professional quality end products. PermaTrans R1581 features stunning opacity and color vibrancy on dark colored substrates. Additionally, the transfers have a long-term wash durability with no peeling or cracking making this an excellent product to use in photo or graphic transfers to signs, promotional materials, apparel, and much more.