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The DIGITALL line of dye sublimation papers was developed in a collaborative effort to improve printing and transfer quality and efficiency in the dye sub industry. In 2004, NuCoat released DIGITALL S10, the first dye sublimation paper with tack.

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This innovative new paper incorporated a tack to prevent a common industry production issue called ghosting. Eliminating ghosting lowered production errors and greatly improved the speed capabilities of production. The new development took the industry by storm.

Today, NuCoat continues to offer industry leading dye sublimation products with unique features including:
Dye Sublimation Paper with Tack
Tack Eliminates Ghosting
High Saturation
High Ink Load and Saturation
Fast Dry Time
Excellent Dry Time
No Wet Cockling or Buckling
No Wet Cockling or Buckling
Fantastic Color Achievements
Fantastic Color and Transfer Resolution
Lowered Ink Consumption
Lowered Ink Consumption
Compatible with High Speed Printers
Approved for High Speed Printers
Overall Cost Savings
Overall Cost Savings

The DIGITALL line of dye sub papers are available in jumbo rolls or finished plotter rolls on a 3-inch core and are shipped in boxes or on egg-cradles for bulk orders. NuCoat manufactures the DIGITALL line in the United States of America. For more information, download our product fact sheets or contact us.

+1 763 278 0000

DIGITALL™ S10 –  Digitall-S10

DIGITALL™ DS302 80 Gram – Digitall DS302