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Toner Receptive CoatingsDIGITALL® Line of Electrostatic Toner Receptive Coatings

Toner Receptive Coatings enhance the properties of base papers and films to provide a high quality print surface with a matte or glossy finish. They offer heat resistant properties allowing for continuous feed printing and are intended for use with a wide variety of laser printers.

Electrostatic Toner Receptive CoatingsApplication/FinishGradeFeatures/Description
Dry TonerGlossyDIGITALL 8503Easy to coat; One-pass system; Water resistant
MatteDIGITALL 9623For laser printing applications that require a matte surface.
Indigo TonerSemi-glossDIGITALL 8709Used as primer with indigo printers