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Inkjet Receptive CoatingsDIGITALL® Line of Inkjet Receptive Coatings

Inkjet receptive coatings enhance the properties of base papers and films to provide a high quality print surface with a matte, satin or glossy finish. They provide excellent lay-flat properties, along with exceptional brightness, optical density, line definition and instant-dry printing and are intended for use with a wide variety of inkjet printers, from small desktop printers to commercial high speed inkjet printers.

This portfolio of Inkjet Receptive Coatings is now supplied by Lubrizol Advanced Materials under the PrintRite™ brand. Click Here to visit the Lubrizol site or contact for product inquiries or to place orders.

View Our Diverse Line of Inkjet Receptive Coatings

Aqueous InkjetApplication/FinishGradeFeatures/Description
MicroporousGlossyDIGITALL 9303Easy to coat; One-pass system; Water resistant
SatinDIGITALL 9315
MattePremium MatteDIGITALL 9191Highly functional
Durable MatteDIGITALL 9230 Economical
Ultra-Durable MatteDIGITALL 9605 High durability
Durable Drum LabelDIGITALL 9704Drum labels and other durable applications
Glossy/SatinDIGITALL 9284
Solvent InkjetApplicationGradeFeatures/Description
Eco and StandardGlossyDIGITALL 9455 Easy to coat; one-pass system; water resistant
SatinDIGITALL 9090
MatteDIGITALL 9294