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Barrier CoatingsOur line of barrier coatings repel oxygen, grease, oil, water, other liquids

Resilient barrier coatings provide a protective shield that repels oxygen, water, grease or other liquid compounds on contact. They can also retain these compounds in their packaging.

Technical advancements in the oxygen barrier coatings market allow paper manufacturers to become competitive in certain markets, while providing a repulpable alternative to plastic.

Oxygen/OdorPROTECoaT 8540High oxygen and odor barrier, can be formulated into other coatingsYes
Water/GreasePROTECoaT 9151Excellent barrier with hot/cold glue, can be used when over printing is requiredYes
Water BarrierPROTECoaT 9200Barrier for flash freezing, with internal release properties, hot glue ableYes
Extreme Water/oil/greasePROTECoaT 9282High barrier near PE level, two passes of this coating achieve very low MVTR'sYes
Oxygen/water resistancePROTECoaT 9314Oxygen barrier with some water resistanceYes
PROTECoaT 9325Ultimate barrier coating with excellent MVTRYes
Oxygen BarrierPROTECoaT 9412Normally used as an oxygen barrier to replace poly and foil barrier layersYes