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NuCoat launches THERMACoaT™ for wide web coaters


NuCoat launches THERMACoaT for wide web coaters

Plymouth, MN – 1 January 2015

NuCoat, a manufacturer of specialty coatings for paper and film announces the launch of the THERMACoaT™ line of direct thermal coatings.  These coatings convert paper and film substrates into thermal image receptive materials. Our THERMACoaT™ coatings are formulated to perform well when applied using common coating application methods such as Mayer rod, gravure, roll coaters, etc.

A variety of coating formulations are available to create products for a wide range of end use markets. Our coatings are manufactured using environmentally friendly raw materials and are water based.

THERMACoaT™ is shipped Ready-to-Go, fully formulated for your coating system.  They work on a variety of coated papers and filmic substrates. We offer technical service support to aid you in evaluating, scale-up and commercialization of you products for this exciting new platform.

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THERMACoaT 9691 AC Activator coating for Point of Sale application and short term use ·   Ability to provide quality density at lower costs·   Low coat weight Receipts, transit tickets, industrial tags
THERMACoaT 9692 AC Activator coating for label applications ·   Provides a higher level of durability·   Provides print head protection Durable labels, deli and bakery labels, industrial tags
THERMACoaT 9684 AC Activator coating for durable applications ·   Water, grease and oil resistant·   Can be used alone or with top coating for enhanced durability Film substrates, lottery, longer term use products
THERMACoaT 9693 TC Top coating for superior resistance and protection ·   Higher resistance·   Prevent head scrape, protection against some solvents and plasticizer 2 Part system, resistant labels, tickets and industrial tags, water park applications, ski lift tickets, etc.
NuCoat Announces THERMACoaT

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NuCoat manufactures a diverse line of pre-mixed, proprietary liquid coating formulations for the PAPER AND FILM INDUSTRY to apply to a wide array of substrates to enhance the base material properties.   In the time it typically takes to simply engage with other companies, NuCoat can engineer, develop, and even produce custom coated chemistry for our customers. We’ve developed systems to help customers bring new products to market faster. Our quick development process and highly flexible coating formulations provide ramp-up volumes and on-going, high-volume delivery.


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